Monday, 11 June 2012

Sight seeing

I have been really busy this past week.. we have visitors and we have been touring around with them, they stay for another week. Then I take a short break in Paris for three days and I go back to work, which I am dreading..Everything seems to be happening together, six months of doing nothing and then all of a sudden I have lots of things to do..

I have had a lot of firsts lately,they are small things but big steps for me.. I met the man who delivers vegetables to her house for the first time last Monday. It sounds crazy but I have been avoiding him. I then met my godchild, I love her to pieces but another situation I avoided. I went for my fist cycle locally today with a friend, I met a neighbor who lost her baby years ago due to SIDS, it was hard but it is done. I just find facing situations hard, but I know I have to do it sooner or later. My mood is a little brighter after cycle, its good to do something. Its all baby steps.

I have a scan on Monday, and I take decap injection on Friday and then start planning for another frozen transfer around the 14th July... I will be back at work at this stage, but only plan to work a three day week at the beginning. We will find this financially difficult but I feel that its important that I have time off in the beginning as some days I am emotionally all over the place. I plan to go back fulltime in October, but would love to be pregnant by then. Still dreaming of that take home baby...

Once our friends have left I am going to get forms together for adoption and hopefully start that process, so lots of plans... Hopefully we will have some positive outcomes somewhere in our future!!!

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