Sunday, 14 October 2012


Day 14: Community, I have no photos of a community gathering that I have attended, but I have attended two. The first gathering was at a patch making workshop. I remember I was very nervous attending and I burst out crying the minute I entered the room. I was very emotional and to be honest I found it hard to make the patch as my head was all over the place. I did settle in after a while and I got chatting with the other moms and listening to their stories. I was drained after the experience but it was really great to attend and to make something for my babies. I met another mom there who lost her baby two years ago but is at the same place as me with fertility treatments. What is really great is now I meet up with this mom on a fortnightly basis to go walking and have a chat. The patches that we made are to go on a quilt that is displayed at services and gatherings nationally.

The second gathering I attended was a parent support meeting which was held in September. Once more I was nervous attending and I cried for most of the evening. The beginning of the evening involved listening to a bereavement counselor discuss the various stages of grief as described by other baby loss mothers. After a few mothers stayed back and talked. I found the evening good but very sad.

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